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Into the woods

Into the woods photo

Into the woods photo taken by Vinoth Chandar.

Black and white umbrella

Black and white umbrella image with a monk in a garden

Black and white umbrella photo taken by Hartwig HKD.

You have to love umbrella photos, they tend to have a mystic feel, especially when there’s a character behind the umbrella.

I really love this black and white umbrella capture. I like that I can see the rain drops somewhere on the right side of the image, I also like the simple clothes of the monk and the misty road that seems to have no end. It’s a simple photo, with a few subjects but yet so powerful.

Hope you all like the black and white umbrella photo and please stay tuned as there are more beautiful images to come.

Colorful kite

Colorful kite with long tail

Colorful kite photo taken by Jack Wolf.

I have always been fascinated about kites, my dad was an aviator and he taught me how to build my own kite from paper and veneer. You don’t need to be an aviator to know how to build kits but he was pretty good at that.

This kite photo managed to bring up some nice old memories. Although it’s a simple image, it is very well composed with a lot of movement and some nice colors. The eyes are following the curling tail, you then discover the kite and somewhere in the background that could be you – playing with this strings. Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words was right!

Jack, this is a nice addition to our collection, thanks for this colorful kite photo.

And by the way, if you guys are looking for a great photography logo design, here’s a nice one discovered at LogoLagoon

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