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Date Added: June 16, 2008

Hi and welcome to flowers pictures You're probably surprised to see a post in here about flowers pictures, because flowers seem like they'd be easy to shoot, right? you're thinking that they're just sitting there not moving, they're colorful, they're already interesting, and people love them (well, not all people love them)...but, it's not that easy as you think (i think).

First of all you should get really close to them (this may be the main "secret")...and you should try to do this with a macro lens; and if you're not equipped with this kind of lens...try your zoom lens - but keep in mind to use it with the smallest aperture - in order to put out of focus the rest of the flower/s.

There are three ideal times to take photo of flowers:

1. On cloudy, overcast days. You will get some soft shadows and the colours will be vivid an nice.

2. Just after a rain. This is a magnific time to shoot flowers. Shoot while the sky is still overcast and the raindrops are still on the petals.

3. If you shoot on sunny days, try to shoot in the morning and late afternoon.

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  1. Tania/Diana says:

    I love flowers. I think, the twinflowers is the best imagin of the others pekthers,olvais others pekthers et thinks. I see to his very long et i’l be very glad.

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